Nowadays it’s common to hire a professional makeup artist for a wedding or big event. And while professionals are really good at making people look beautiful, there are a few things clients can do prior to getting their makeup done to help them out.

We asked professional makeup artist Steff Matheson for her top tips for prepping your face and skin prior to the big day. With extensive experience in the bridal and beauty industry, she knows what it takes to get the most out of your makeup. Follow Steff’s guide below to ensure you look your very best on the big day: Blog_Howtopreptolookyourbest_2015:04:14_02
In the lead up to the wedding/celebration, staying hydrated is going to do a world of difference to your skin. Try to drink 2 litres of water a day, or as much as possible, apply a light daily moisturiser after showers, sunscreen when you’re going to be in the sun, apply eye cream before bed and depending on your skin type, have a weekly facial (a personal fave is GlamGlows thirsty mud). Try not to make any drastic changes in the weeks leading up to your wedding – i.e. changing skin care products, major dietary changes, medication changes etc. Have your eyebrows shaped by a professional prior to event. It’s amazing what great eyebrows can do the frame your face. Gently exfoliate your lips with a baby or soft bristled toothbrush the day before. Blog_Howtopreptolookyourbest_2015:04:14_01 If you’re naturally fair-haired, an eyelash tint may help define and enlarge your eyes in photos. This will also help blend a false lash if you choose to wear a set on the day. Personally I don’t like the look of eyelash extensions and always opt for using either individual cluster or strip false lashes At your trial try to alert your makeup artist if you intend to have a spray tan prior to your wedding, as your skins undertone will change. This will change the face chart plan and what needs to be packed the day of your booking. Alert your makeup artist to any sensitivities or allergies (latex, silicone, etc). Brush your teeth and finish any pre-celebration food or drink prior to getting your makeup done, especially if wearing a bright pop or bold colour on the lips. Blog_Howtopreptolookyourbest_2015:04:14_04 Sipping through drinking straws can be a lipstick lifesaver when it comes to pre celebration bubbles. Speaking of bubbles, if you’re someone who becomes flushed when drinking, a corrective concealer is a great option to counteract the redness on the skin. When getting your makeup done, wear a loose fitting button up shirt to allow easy clothing change into your bridal gown/ party outfit. If wearing a strapless gown, it’s recommended that you wear a strapless bra during prep time to avoid bra strap lines along your shoulders and back. Blog_Howtopreptolookyourbest_2015:04:14_03 Photography Little Black BowMakeup Steff MathesonModel Layne Wiseman, Life/Style Model ManagementFloral Styling Mayflowers Vintage Florist