Just because the weather is getting cooler, doesn’t mean our parties have to suffer. We think you should throw a fruit party this winter! Why? Because fruit = fun! Seeing as it’s winter, it might be kind of hard to find some tropical fruit to serve at the party (and let’s be honest, every other variety of fruit is kind of boring). If this is the case, or the fruit you find is super expensive, you can always substitute it for fruit themed goodies! Think tutti frutti macarons, fruit cookies and cupcakes with fruit toppers.

We’ve rounded up some party goods below to help get your fruity fiesta started. You can also check out Alicia’s Aloha Party and Lauren’s 30th Birthday for more party inspiration! Blog_Partywares_Throwafruityfiesta_01 1. DIY Pineapple Piñata, Studio DIY | 2. Banana + Strawberry Honeycomb Tissue Decorations, Confetti & Cake | 3. Geometric Fruit Garland, The Chaos Club | 4. Strawberry Print, Poppies for Grace | 5. Banana Bowl, Shopuntil | 6. DIY Fruit Macarons, Sugar & Cloth | 7. Fruit Tattoo Pack, Hunting For George | 8. Printable Watermelon Wrap, Minieco.co.uk | 9. Fruity Cookie Cutters, Lark | 10. Super Chill Cooler Bag, Ban.do