The reality of wedding planning is that usually one partner is more involved than the other, and if that’s the way you’re happy to have it, then that’s totally ok! But planning a wedding alone is a pretty daunting task, plus it’s a joint affair, so both partners should have some kind of input, right?  We find that this works best if each person is somewhat involved in the planning process.

Are you having trouble getting your other half to join in on all the wedding fun? Here are a few tips on ways to help get your partner get involved!RC-Wedding-Rachel-Brian-14.jpg Photography Tricia King 

Make the big decisions together: The bigger decisions like the ceremony and reception venue should always be made together. At the very least, couples should know where they’re getting married! Another fun decision to be made as a pair is the menu, because choosing the food you’ll serve usually means some kind of tasting and as they say, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. RC_Wed_Holly-Stuart_33.jpgPhotography Kristina Childs

Communicate: Before making the final decision on plans, consult your partner to ensure they agree with your ideas and the quotes you’ve been given. This provides them with a chance to speak up and is especially important if you’re working within a budget. Money is an imperative factor when it comes to planning a wedding, so both partners should always be across how much is being spent on what. RC-Wedding-Nicole-Dave-17.jpg Photographer Beck Rocchi

Be encouraging: Encourage your partner to open up about any input they have for the wedding. After all, it’s a reflection of you both so try to incorporate your partner’s suggestions as much as possible. Plus, if it’s their idea, they’ll probably want to organise it themselves! RC_Wedding_Natalie-Nicole_04.jpg Photography Lara Hotz

Delegate: Give your partner tasks that he or she will enjoy. Say your partner has a strong interest in music, let him or her put the playlist together. Or if your partner enjoy a good drink, ask him or her to organise the bar. Similarly, if they have skills in certain areas, put them to good use! Say your partner is great with tools, then perhaps he or she should make a canopy or a table to contribute to the wedding.
RC_Wedding_Nina+Ben_42 Photography Katie Holmes of Bushturkey Studio

Don’t freak out: If you don’t agree with your partner’s plans, that’s okay! At the end of the day, you’re marrying the love of your life so trust us when we say that it really won’t matter if things don’t go exactly as you had envisioned. It’ll simply add to the uniqueness of you as a couple.RC_Wedding_Rachel+Brian_51 Photography Tricia King