Today we’d like to introduce you to the fabulous Pegs & Lace, an online designer stationery store.

Founder and designer Julia Quinn began her career in the fashion industry and slowly ended up in graphic design as a digital designer. ‘The idea of Pegs & Lace started a few years ago when I got engaged myself,’ said Julia. ‘As I researched wedding stationery for my own wedding, I got really excited and couldn’t help but give it a go. Before I knew it, I was getting my very own design requests.’

Pegs & Lace offer a range of wedding and party invitations, thank you cards and accessories (like card embellishments, envelopes and pockets) as well as birthday, Valentine’s Day and celebratory cards! Julia even has a bespoke invitation service where she custom makes designs for any special occasion for those who just can’t find what they’re looking for.

‘Life is all about celebrations,’ said Julia. ‘It’s about your friends and family getting together and making moments and memories to carry through life. ‘Sometimes these life celebrations require a formal invitation, something that makes a statement, creates excitement and reflects the occasion as well your personality. Your guests should feel privileged to be invited and honoured to attend.’

Give your celebration the stationery it deserves by checking out Pegs & Lace’s range here! Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_01 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_02 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_03 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_04 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_05 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_06 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_07 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_08 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_09 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_10 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_11 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_13 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_14 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_15 Blog_LoveMyShop_Pegs+Lace_12

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