To celebrate her very first birthday, Ruby’s mum Claire threw her a loosely confetti-themed party.

‘Ruby is our third child so we were completely aware that she wouldn’t be too fussed about her party, 80 people in her house, 30 kids touching all her toys, it was a recipe for a major meltdown,’ said Claire.

‘But, after a year of sleepless nights, reflux, breastfeeding issues, and countless nappy changes, combined with the joy of watching our darling girl achieve those magical first-year milestones, we felt we all deserved this party.’

Ruby’s birthday wasn’t just an opportunity to celebrate all things ‘Ruby,’ but also all things ‘family’ including Ruby’s dad, brother and sister.

‘Don’t be fooled by the pristine presentation of these photos, the party was at one point completely rained out,’ said Claire.

‘There were tears (all mine), there were major meltdowns (guilty again!) but at the end of the day only one thing mattered – all our dearest people came to celebrate Ruby’s special day, and we had the best time ever!’

Ruby’s birthday was decked out in the most fun party decorations ever! The confetti theme was inspired by Ruby’s bright and colourful personality.

‘The night before the party Ruby went to bed in confetti pyjamas, confetti sheets, and when she woke up her whole world had been converted into a sea of cascading colour!’ said Claire, who was inspired by the wonderful Poppies for Grace when decorating Ruby’s party.

‘If you’re planning a party soon definitely check them out, until then I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I loved putting it together.’RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_10.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_03.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_02.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_01.jpgRC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_04.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_08.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_07.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_06.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_05.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_09.jpgRC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_11.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_16.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_15.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_14.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_13.jpg RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_12.jpg

Photography Claire Cosh | Styling Claire Cosh | Decorations Poppies for Grace


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