Lauren and Lauren are stylists who own a plant hire business called The Borrowed Nursery.

What is The Borrowed Nursery and how does it work? At The Borrowed Nursery we provide plants for hire for all kinds of events and beautifully considered spaces, from table settings to installations at weddings. We also stock a bespoke collection of potted plants in our retail space. Blog_Meeta_TheBorrowedNursery_01
How did it come about? Lauren and I have known each other for quite a few years now, first meeting at uni where we both completed degree in design. We were always bouncing ideas for different projects and businesses. Working on a street party wedding with my styling and hire business Signs of Wear at the time, I was collecting various tins and baskets and pairing them with cactus and succulents to add greenery to the space. Lauren was working in the interior design industry so I knew that she would have some great ideas on how this could be developed into a plant hire business with a unique and creative approach. Blog_Meeta_TheBorrowedNursery_02 We discussed how this could work not only for weddings, but also for events in general (both corporate and private). We also considered ideas for how it could be applied to the design industry and quickly the idea expanded from hire and styling options, to retail concepts as well. From that first meeting we derived the concept of The Borrowed Nursery where people purchase, borrow and access a styling service for plants. Blog_Meeta_TheBorrowedNursery_08 Talk us through a typical day at work No one day is the same, with our days spent managing the retail space and working on ongoing commercial projects, as well as working on weddings and events. A lot of our time is spent tracking down suppliers…we also regularly visit local markets to keep up to date with our bespoke collection of one of a kind pots, vessels and props. A lot of work recently has been developing our website, adding an online store to make our retail range more accessible with a click and collect option as well as local delivery. We are also working on some handmade pieces including our new copper hangers that were featured at the recent Mothers Day Brunch event that will be available with shipping options. Blog_Meeta_TheBorrowedNursery_09 What’s the coolest event you’ve worked on? With this a relevantly new concept we still get excited about each opportunity that comes up. It’s hard to go past the event that sparked it all though – a street party wedding (literally taking place in the street of the bride’s childhood home). It was fun collecting the different brightly coloured vessels to pair with succulents, cactus and other plants to create installations and table settings. Blog_Meeta_TheBorrowedNursery_10 What have you got planned for your HOORAY! workshop? We are so excited to open up the potting shed for all to enjoy the space and to go away with not only a great piece for their home, but hopefully a greater understanding of terrariums. On the day we’ll be going through all the components of a terrarium, including vessel selection, soil, charcoal and drainage systems. We’ll also be going through plant selection and run through the different requirements of each plant type, focussing on positioning and watering guides. Each student will get a little take-home pack with all the information from the event, as well as the care guide to ensure the terrarium they create thrives. For us it’s a great opportunity to get together, get your hands dirty and create something from scratch! Blog_Meeta_TheBorrowedNursery_11 To find out more about The Borrowed Nursery visit their website. Blog_Meeta_TheBorrowedNursery_12 Photography Sabine Bannard of Meet The Locals