As difficult as this is to say, it’s time we accept that winter has arrived. The temperature gauge is entering the single digits (if not the minuses) and the trees are almost stripped bare of their leaves. Yes people, this means it’s time to bring your celebrations inside. But that doesn’t mean they are going to be any less fun! Here are 8 tips for throwing one helluva party, indoors:RC_Birthday_Dees30thBirthday_23Photography Shane Shepherd

1. Mulled wine is essential. Because who doesn’t love a decent glass of red that can warm you from the inside out.

2. Have some extra blankets on hand. Places like K-Mart, Target and Big W are gold mines for cheap blankets. Have a few extras on hand, just in case it’s extra chilly.

3. Serve a cheese board on arrival. Cheese, wine and winter are a match made in heaven.CHEESE copy Photography Hannah Blackmore

4. Enforce a ‘no shoe, slipper only’ policy. An indoor winter party is all about being toasty, warm and cozy, and nothing gets in the way more than a pair of shoes. Socks and slippers are a must! Again, you can always drop past K-Mart, Target, Big-W or the like and purchase some cheap bed socks for guests to wear on the night.

5. Light the fire. Open fireplaces are a rarity, so if you are lucky enough to have one, light it up! If not, you can still create the same mood with candles. There’s no better ambience than a dimly lit space with flickers of warm light…mmm, cozy!

6. Create a signature scent. You’re already going to be lighting candles, you may as well use them to make your space smell pretty too. We’ve already written a whole blog dedicated to creating a signature scent at your celebration. You can read up on it here. Our suggestions for wintery scents? Cinnamon, citrus, vanilla, rose and musk.Blog_SignatureCelebrationScents_2015:04:08_01

7. Theme your party. Indoor parties are so easy to theme, especially in winter. Here are our suggestions:

Pyjama party – for obvious reasons.

Pamper party – a night in is the perfect excuse to pamper up with the girls

Chilli party – because chilli is hot hot hot! Chilli hot chocolate anyone?

8. Start with a soup and finish with fondue. We’ve got some amazing soup ideas in ‘Soup-A-Sweet’ on page 84 of HOORAY! Issue 11. Dessert on a cold winter’s night almost cries for chocolate fondue! There really is no better way to end the meal than with warm, melted chocolate.DIY_Cook_FrenchOnionSoup_02 Try this French Onion Soup recipe here.