To celebrate her first birthday, Emilia’s mum Samantha threw her a baby bohemian themed party, inspired by little adventures and lilac wildflowers. Samantha says that the theme was chosen to match Mila’s wild heart.

‘Even though she is only one, she already has such an adventurous soul!’ Sam told us.

Samantha based the décor and styling of this sweet soiree around the print and stationery, designed by illustrator Kelli Murray. She also used a colour palette of forest greens, wood, gold, metallic and lilac to match the surrounding courtyard gardens.

To decorate the space she hung dream catchers with gold dipped feathers and lace in the trees, and strung festoon lights across the courtyard. She made tassel garlands and fringe piñatas in gold, silver and lilac, and built a little teepee for the kids to play in, with a custom gold piñata at the top.

Samantha says her favourite part of the day was serving Mila her first birthday cake.

‘Rustically styled with gold polka dot arrows, flowers and rosemary, Mila absolutely loved it and both her and her older brother wasted no time getting their hands on the icing! Such a lovely afternoon with good friends, family and adorable little ones,’ she told us.

Get inspired to create a sweet baby boho-themed party by checking out Mila’s first birthday below.RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_01.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_06.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_05.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_04.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_03.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_02.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_12.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_11.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_10.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_09.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_08.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_07.jpgRC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_13.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_18.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_17.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_16.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_15.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_14.jpgRC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_19.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_24.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_22.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_21.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_20.jpgRC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_25.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_30.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_29.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_28.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_27.jpg RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_26.jpg

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