Samantha Clarkson of Sourced by Sam is a wedding planner and stylist based in Sydney, the Hunter Valley, the Southern Highlands and the South Coast:

Tell us a little about yourself: I am a mixed bag, jack of all trades! Professionally (and essentially) I’m a freelance stylist designing weddings, commercial events, photo-shoots and the odd interior job. Personally, I’m about to become a first time Mumma and move out of the big smoke to the Southern Highlands. Exciting times to expand and have my team down south, across Sydney and up in the Hunter region. Blog_Meeta_SourcedbySam_01Photography Rachael Muller

How did you get into styling and wedding planning? My background is in marketing and events. I’ve always been creative and left the industry to study interior design, where I assisted some amazing designers and stylists on varying projects. One day I was asked to style a bridal shoot, which led to taking a wedding stylist job for a year in the Hunter Valley for a busy little company. I did a wedding for a friend of a friend and the rest is history! Blog_Meeta_SourcedbySam_04 Photography Bonnie Jenkins

Describe your aesthetic: I’ve started to work in larger spaces of late and my focus has really honed in on the lighting and use of greenery. Magical lighting and lavish blooms for a romantic, dreamy experience. Blog_Meeta_SourcedbySam_07 Photography Gui Jorge

Talk us through a typical day at work: I start my day with Instagram, then spend the day answering emails, glued to my computer like everybody else right? Weekdays are run sheets, floor plans, concepts and prop sourcing. Weekends are site visits and consultations – I seriously have the best job in the world. Blog_Meeta_SourcedbySam_08 What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on? A wedding last year at the SCA; the couple were quirky, crazy-fun and basically said ‘go nuts’! They gave me complete creative control and we ended up with a life-size Zebra and Giraffe in the marquee. Blog_Meeta_SourcedbySam_09 Photography I Love Wednesdays

How would you style your own wedding? A conversation I’m currently having. Heavily influenced by American country, rock & roll, I’d LOVE a ranch wedding. A little Kill Bill style chapel surrounded by cacti and a Southern BBQ reception with a banjo playing band with very minimal, natural styling. That or elope in Vegas and ride off on the back of a Harley! Basically, the complete opposite of all my beautiful brides. Blog_Meeta_SourcedbySam_05 Photography Gui Jorge

What do you love most about your job? That every single project I work on is so different; the venue, the theme – everything changes and that’s so exciting. I get to be creative everyday and meet the most awesome couples. Blog_Meeta_SourcedbySam_02 Photography 2vue Imagery

I am happiest when…I’ve spent the day in the sun and water, have a belly full of beautiful food and I’m working on styling proposals by night with music playing and a vino in hand *sigh*. Blog_Meeta_SourcedbySam_11 Photography Rachael Muller

To find out more about Sam, visit her website here.