Planning a kick-ass party, but a little short on cash? Read up on our 9 ways to save on your party décor and you’ll be styling the event of your dreams with minimal spending in no time.

1. DIY, DIY, DIY. While this might be the most obvious tip, it’s certainly the most important. The more you can do yourself, the more you’ll save.RC-Wedding-Rachel-Brian-26.jpg Photography Tricia King

2. Befriend op shops. You’ll find an endless array of pieces that you can use to style your party inside the humble op shop. Think along the lines of plates, tea cups, vases and even table linen. Don’t forget to do a little friendly negotiating with the shop assistant as well. They might be able to do you a special deal if you grab a few items at once.RC-BridalShower-CarlysKitchenTea-18.jpg Photography Prue Franzmann Photography

3. Save your décor for a rainy day. If you’ve just had a soiree, purchase a plastic tub and salvage as much of the décor as possible. You’d be surprised by what you can create from old streamers (garlands) and scrap paper (confetti) for another celebration.RC-Birthday-Benjamins3ndbirthday-01.jpg Photography Shentel Lee

4. Invest in plastic-ware that can be washed, stored and used again. It might be seem more expensive at first, but if you’ve got a few gatherings over the year, you’ll be saving money in the long run.RC-ChristmasParty-CoCreativeChristmasParty-17.jpg Photography Rad + In Love

5. Scour the house before purchasing anything. You never know what’s lurking in storage, like an old vase or candleholder. Think outside the box and see if you can utilise what you already own. While it could mean your vision isn’t executed to perfection, it will save you a lot of dough.RC_Shower_KellysBabyShower_02 Photography Snappystreet Photography 

6. Plan ahead! Planning ahead means you can purchase bits and pieces as you go, instead of getting hit with one big party bill. It also means you have a chance to take advantage of any sales that come up between now and the party.RC_Birthday_Rubys1stBirthday_02 Photography Claire Cosh

7. Less is more. Don’t overdo it and you won’t spend too much money.RC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_37 Photography Renee Calder Design

8. Borrow what you can! Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for wares that you can pinch just for the day. Repay them with a plate of food and sweets to take home after the party is over.RC_Shower_Farrah'sBabyShower_01 Photography Farrah Allan

9. Choose an easy theme. While that ‘tropical’ party seems like a great idea, finding tropical themed wares is generally more expensive. Instead, make it a ‘bright and colourful’ party! There’s plenty more out there for a fraction of the cost.