Move over chevron, there’s a new pattern in town – polka dot! Alright so it’s not exactly new, but it’s certainly the pattern of the season, which is exactly why you should throw a polka dot themed party before it’s too late. We’ve chosen a colour palette of pink and gold (a classic fave) for our polka dot party, but feel free to change it up. Most products we’ve featured come in a range of different colours, not to mention the party wares stores also sell a whole heap of other polka dot themed goods too. Blog_Partyware_PolkadotParty_01 1. Flamingo Dot Plates, Bash Party Goods | 2. Polkadot Candles, Ruby Rabbit | 3. Block Party Lolly Bag, Poppies for Grace | 4. Polkadot Wall Decals, Down That Little Lane | 5. Light Up The Room Candle, Kate Spade | 6. Peach Polkadot Napkins, Lark | 7. Pearl Place Vase, Kate Spade | 8. Pink Floss Paper Cups, The Party Provider | 9. Fairy Floss Double Sided Wrapping Paper, Blushing Confetti | 10. Bubblegum Teepee, Mini Mi Store