The guest list is sorted, the caterers are booked and the styling props are ready to go – so what’s left to organise for your upcoming party? The entertainment, of course! We’ve come up with 8 fabulous ways to entertain your 18yo+ party guests. Choose from our list below and no doubt your guests will be boasting about the fun times they had at your party for years to come!

1. Dance Floor: In our opinion, a dance floor is the number one entertainment option for every celebration. Whether you’ve got a live band, a DJ or even just an iPod, a space to break it down is an absolute must if you want your guests to have as much fun as possible! RC-ChristmasParty-CoCreativeChristmasParty-40.jpg Photography Rad + In Love

2. Photo booth: We’ve never been to a party where people weren’t lining up for the photo booth, because (let’s be honest here) we love taking photos of ourselves! You can make your own photo booth (click here to find out how) or you can hire the pros to do it for you. You could also include a photo book, complete with stickers and pens, so that guests can leave their photo with a personalised message.RC_Launch_HOORAY!Launch_22 Photography Butterfly Bones Photography

3. Lawn games: People always get into the spirit of lawn games. The key is to keep things simple with games like giant Jenga, lawn bowls and ring toss. You want your guests to be able to play them in party attire with a drink in hand.
RC-Wedding-Maddie-Justin-38.jpg Photography Meg Kelly Photography

4. Cocktail bar: Surely we don’t need to explain why this is a crowd pleaser. If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a professional cocktail bar, simply set up a table with drink dispensers containing pre-made cocktails or punch, along with a selection of fun straws and garnishes.RC_Launch_HOORAY!Launch_39 Photography Butterfly Bones Photography

5. Party props: while your photo booth should have its own set of props, allow for other props that can be worn across the party! For example, if you’re having a tropical-themed soiree provide leis to each guest upon arrival. You’ll be surprised by how creative everyone will get and how much fun the props will generate.RC_Birthday_Sheens30th_21.jpg Photography When Elephant Met Zebra

6. Temporary tattoo bar: We did this at the HOORAY! launch party and it was a total hit! You can purchase temporary tattoos online or design your own and print them on temporary tattoo paper. So. Much. Fun!RC_Launch_HOORAY!Launch_84 Photography Butterfly Bones Photography

7. Lounging area: Reserve an area away from the hustle and bustle of the party with couches, lounging chairs and/or beanbags. Not only are you providing a place for your guests to relax and reenergise, you’re also giving them a space where they can mingle and chat with others.RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_17.jpg Photography Jess Jackson

8. Dessert buffet: having a table full of sweets is way more entertaining than serving individual desserts. Whether they try just one or try them all, your guests will return from the buffet very happy indeed.Blog_AcColourfulSweetsBuffet_2015:01:07_01 Photography Ducky Professional Photography | Buffet Memories are Sweet