When little Remy turned one, it was only appropriate for his parents to throw one epic rainbow-filled affair to celebrate!

Remy’s mum Kate Forsyth is the brains behind Good Day Club, a furniture hire and event styling get-up based in Melbourne. So, it comes as no surprise that Remy’s first birthday was a beautifully curated rainbow affair.

Kate says, “Remy is a cute, sweet little human and he loves colour, hence rainbows. We also wanted to include lots of textures for all the small people who were there to enjoy.”


To celebrate Remy’s first lap around the sun, Kate wanted to create a fun-filled event for the kids and the adults. The fact that soon enough there’ll be requests for Hot Wheels and Paw Patrol themed parties was a motivator for Kate to take the opportunity to host something that felt appealing aesthetically for all ages.

“Don’t be afraid to move away from the ‘accepted’ kids party themes, and truly do whatever it is that you think the birthday person and your guests will enjoy,” Kate tells us.


Remy’s rainbow party was nothing short of amazing in terms of decorations, including the furniture sourced via Kate’s event hire business (check out those gorgeous, vintage chairs!).

A rainbow party wouldn’t be complete without a big bunch of rainbow balloons, complete with hanging Kokodoma moss balls and strings of coloured paper cranes repurposed from Remy’s parents’ wedding.

Kate also added a bunch of DIY elements to decorate little Remy’s rendezvous. Ultra DIY points for the Bunnings paint chip tablecloth, Kokodoma moss balls, and the pom-pom garlands in the hedge, which were all crafted by Kate.

When it comes to DIY elements, Kate’s advice is to “give yourself lots of time for your handmade elements—they take longer than you think!”


Creating a party atmosphere that was appealing to big and small people alike was a huge hit! Guests were met with a welcome change, where the atmosphere didn’t feel too much like a kids’ party and as such kicked on well past the usual two-hour kiddie party time slot.

Kate’s advice was to not be afraid of straying from the typical kids’ party themes and do whatever you think it is that the birthday person and guests will enjoy.

“Gathering to celebrate life events big and small is key to our family, and we have made a business of it. It’s about connection, fun, friendship, generosity and laughs for us and we adore bringing people together.”

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Photography: J Not Jay Photography | Event Planning, Event Styling, Decorations, Hire items: Good Day Club