There’s something natural, organic and totally inviting about a space full of plants. With some help from our friends at The Borrowed Nursery (also known as ‘the Lauren’s’) we’ve come up with a few ways that you can use potted plants in your event styling:

Hanging Plants: Suspend plants from the ceiling to create natural chandeliers. These will give your styling some height and depth and look amazing when strung over tables, the dance floor or the stage.Blog_PlantsInEventStyling_20150625_03 Left: Image via Ruffled | Right: Image via SCOUT Blog

Backdrops: Living plants can also be used to create amazing arbours or backdrops. ‘You can use hanging varieties as back drops or use air plants woven though various textures such as macramé hangings,’ say the Laurens from the Borrowed Nursery. ‘Another favourite of ours is Spanish moss draping over different mediums. We have seen amazing Spanish moss curtains done really well. All of these ideas can be combined with lighting and props to adjust to the desired concept or theme of the event.Blog_PlantsInEventStyling_20150625_01 Left: Image via Green Wedding Shoes | Right: Image via Ruffled

Bouquets: Plants like succulents can be used in bouquets and headpieces. ‘After the event you can plant the succulents in your garden and watch them grow. They’ll be a permanent, ever-changing reminder of your amazing day or night.’Blog_PlantsInEventStyling_20150625_04 Left: Image via Intimate Weddings | Right: Image via La Petite Fleur

Table Centrepieces: Using plants as your centrepieces can create a warm and inviting table setting. Consider using a unique vessel like Uashmana paper bags to hold the plant, or simply use pretty pots! Terrariums and little succulent gardens also make gorgeous centrepiecesBlog_PlantsInEventStyling_20150625_05 Left: Image via Style Me Pretty | Right: Image Via Ruffled

Plant Clusters: Clusters of plants in various levels and vessels spread around your event add interest and warmth within an open space. ‘An entrance installation is also a great way to wow guests as they arrive,’ say the Laurens.Blog_PlantsInEventStyling_20150625_02 Photography by Sabine Bannard, Meet the Locals

Aisle Decorations:  Plants are the perfect aisle decoration. ‘Just look at the royal wedding lined with beautiful, mature trees,’ say the Laurens. ‘You can use any variety to create a pathway down a wedding aisle. You could do a tropical theme and line the aisle with banana palms or a county theme and line the arbour with lemon trees instead. The ideas are endless!’Blog_PlantsInEventStyling_20150625_06 Left: Image via Style Me Pretty | Right: Image via Snippet & Ink