The elusive ‘pop-up’ party has been sprouting up everywhere of late, and we’re all for them! These occasions can come in all shapes and sizes, like one-off special events, launches, gigs, birthday parties and even weddings. Jennifer MacMillan, Director of event planning business Gathering Events says that her ethos for organising these one-time-only celebrations is simple – no rules apply. ‘Oh, and a lot of a planning ahead is also super helpful,’ she told us.

Along with the help of The Pop-Up Wedding Co., Jennifer has shared her 8 tips for creating the pop-up party of your dreams:Blog_PlanningaPopUpCelebration_2015:06:29_01 Photography Daisy & the Duke

1. The space

Spend time sourcing both a unique and logistically feasible space. This location will set the scene, and will also determine key features such a capacity and styling. Try to think outside the scope for this one, considering laneways, carparks, theatres, galleries, halls, schools and warehouses.Blog_PlanningaPopUpCelebration_2015:06:29_02 Photography When Elephant Met Zebra

2. Make it interactive

Give your guests a genuine experience. Plan entertainment that will allow them to be involved in making memories, not just being bystanders. We have lots of love for team games, roaming fortune-tellers, crafty workshops, interactive food stations, performing bar tenders, piñata bashing, live graffiti artists and epic battles such a scissors paper rock.Blog_PlanningaPopUpCelebration_2015:06:29_04 Photography When Elephant Met Zebra

3. Budget your prioritise

Go into the planning process with a clear understanding of why you are hosting this celebration and what you want the big ticket items to be. You will see many bright lights and pretty colours along the way, this will just help you stay on the straight and narrow.Blog_PlanningaPopUpCelebration_2015:06:29_06 Photography Daisy & the Duke

4. A beverage to suit

They key is to know your guests and offer them a beverage accordingly. You also want to spoil guests, presenting a beverage they couldn’t order from a standard menu. Consider a specialty bar area such as a pop-up whisky bar dedicated to giving guests a full tasting journey.Blog_PlanningaPopUpCelebration_2015:06:29_07 Photography Daisy & the Duke

5. Make it mobile

This may seem like an obvious one, but do make sure all of your furniture, styling, entertainment and vendors are mobile and able to set-up quickly and efficiently.Blog_PlanningaPopUpCelebration_2015:06:29_05 Photography When Elephant Met Zebra

6. Cut your guest list back

For those of you planning a wedding or special pop-up occasion, this is the perfect excuse to only invite who you want – your third cousin and that guy in the office don’t have to be on the guest list. This is your opportunity to invite people who are on your team, in your corner and waving your flag. Cut your list back and invite only those who make you happy!Blog_PlanningaPopUpCelebration_2015:06:29_08 Photography Kristina Childs

7. Get the right vendors

All pop-up events require very special talent. You need to be up front and honest about what you need from your team from the very beginning. Some vendors will tailor the package to suit your vision, and others may even have some insightful ideas.Blog_PlanningaPopUpCelebration_2015:06:29_09 Photography Daisy & the Duke

8. Throw your expectations out the door

In many ways, the benefit of hosting a pop-up event (especially a wedding) is to have a non-event. The very purpose of a pop-up is to be fun, relaxed and imperfectly perfect.Blog_PlanningaPopUpCelebration_2015:06:29_11 Photography Kristina Childs