Got a dinner party to attend or spending the weekend away at a friend’s place? It’s always important to show your appreciation. We’re here to help with 5 super simple ways that you can thank the host for their hospitality.

1. Give a homemade, one-of-a-kind gift. We’ve got a whole heap of ideas in our Issue 11 DIY, like Chocolate and Beetroot Jar Cake, and Peppermint and Chamomile Tea.Blog_5waystothankthehost_20150721_01.jpg Photography + Styling Stephanie Stamatis + Ella Bendrups 

2. Contribute something to the event. For example, if you’re attending a dinner party, bring a dish to add to the spread, or perhaps a cake to serve for dessert. If you’re staying at their place for the weekend, it’s a good idea to contribute to the cleaning and general chores around the house.

3. Repay the gesture and have the host/s over for a dinner party at your place. It’s only right that you show them the same hospitality they’ve shown you!Blog_5waystothankthehost_20150721_02.jpg Image via Best Friends for Frosting

4. Give a handwritten thank you card (and maybe a little cuddle as well). In our opinion, this is always the most heartfelt and personal way you can thank someone.

5. Share your memories! From a simple dinner party, to a weekend away, you’re bound to take photos. To show your appreciation, give the host/s a copy of all of your fabulous images. You could also up the ante by making a photo book out of the shots. Best. Gift. Ever!Blog_5waystothankthehost_20150721_03.jpg Photography Angela Rose Photography