So you’re getting married, congratulations! Luckily you’ve come to the right blog to sort out all of your wedding needs. Today’s topic? Gift registries.

If you’re newly engaged, it’s likely you haven’t even thought about this yet, but trust us when we say that you should organise a gift registry pretty soon, because once you delve into the vortex of Kitchen Aids and dinner sets, things can get a bit…overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve come up with 7 tips to help you create a registry that’s easy to put together, accessible for your guests and gets you the gifts you’ve always wanted.RC_Wedding_Adam-Amelia_19.jpg Photography Two Chairs Photography

1. It’s okay to use more than just one registry. Who’s to say that you can’t have the blender from one store AND the electric salt and pepper grinders from another? Just don’t go overboard as you don’t want to confuse guests either. We recommend 2-3 registries at most.

2. Consider setting up an online registry. They’re simple to navigate and are easily accessible for guests. Our favourite has definitely go to be Envelope Registry.RC_Wedding_Paula+Marty_57 Photography Studio Something

3. Think before you act. Don’t start selecting gifts without thinking about what you ACTUALLY need first. Sure that hand painted $300 ceramic vase would look amazing on your dresser, but perhaps the money is better spent on the microwave you don’t have yet?

4. Don’t forget to include your husband. After all, it’s his wedding too, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sit down and pick your gifts together. A second pair of eyes is always handy, plus his brain thinks differently to yours and he might find great gifts that you never would have thought of!RC_Wedding_Renee-Andrew_24.jpg Photography Studio Something

5. Select gifts from a range of prices and don’t be afraid to choose pricier presents. They’re the perfect options for closer family and friends who want to splurge on you. Just make sure you even out your registry with less expensive options too.

6. Say thank you! When opening your wedding presents, make sure you write down who gave what gift so that you can personally thank them for their wonderful present.RC_Wed_Phoebe-Jess_28.jpg Photography I Got You Babe Photography

Need a little extra help? We’ve written up a piece of the etiquette of wedding registries inside HOORAY! Issue 11. Pick up a copy to read more!