Planning a kid’s party? For guests between the ages of 1 and about 8 years old, it’s inevitable that at least one parent will stay for the entire duration of the party.

While the soiree is in full swing and the kids are happily pinning the tail on the donkey or not-so-happily passing the parcel, the parents usually flock to the food like a pack of seagulls, counting down the minutes until the party is over. So, we think it’s time that kid’s parties were made not just bearable, but actually enjoyable for parents!

With that in mind, here are 5 ways to entertain the adults at your kid’s party.RC-BabyShower-AlexisBabyShower-08.jpg Photography Alana Landsberry

1. An adult drink station: while it’s probably not appropriate to serve alcohol (other than a sneaky glass of champers), there’s no reason why you can’t set up a fun mocktail bar for parents to mix and make their own delicious drinks. It’s also a good idea to have a tea and coffee station as well.View More: Photography Samantha Macabulos

2. A lounge area: parties are a great opportunity for parents to have a break for a couple of hours. Set up a lounge area where they can put their feet up and relax for the time being, while still keeping an eye on their kids.RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_19.jpg 3. An adult-friendly dessert buffet: If you have a sweets table for the kids, ensure you incorporate some grown-up desserts as well. Foods like mini cheesecakes, macarons or even a cheese platter always go down a treat with the adults!RC_Kid_Popsicle_12.jpg Photography Lee Bird Photography

4. Parental involvement: get the grown ups involved in the party by organising activities that require parental assistance, ensuring they’re just as much fun for the parent as they are for the child. Our suggestions? Cupcake decorating or floral crown making.RC_Birthday_FlowerCrownParty_05 Photography The Hutch

5. Adult activities: set up some games (separate to the kids, of course) for the parents to participate in. You can’t go wrong with classic lawn games, they’re always a hit amongst the grown ups.RC_Birthday_Sarah-Michael_12.jpg Photography Gary Didsbury Photography