Today we’re loving the colours lavender and aqua green, so we thought it was only appropriate to roundup a whole heap of lavender and aqua-coloured party products! If you’re gearing up for a baby shower or a girly bash then this is the perfect pallet for you. It’s a colour trend that’s sure to give a fun and energetic aesthetic to any party. Don’t be afraid to mix tones of purple and blue into your party styling to give it an extra edge. You could even add splashes of neutral or metallic tones for an extra pop!

If you love the lavender and aqua green as much as us, then check out our party-wares picks below. Blog_Partywares_ThrowaLavenderandAquaGreenParty_01 1. Mint Shimmer Balloon Tassel Tail, Lark | 2. Lilac Giant Round Balloon, Ruby Rabbit | 3. Mint Stripes Cutlery, Sucre Shop | 4. Confetti Pop Dessert Plates, Lark | 5. Lavender Chevron Paper Straws, Emiko Blue | 6. Aqua Green Assorted Party Hats, The Party Cupboard | 7. Aqua Stripe Ice Cream Cups, Emiko Blue | 8. Lavender Candy Stripe Paper Cups, The Party Cupboard | 9. Moroccan Tile Pattern Napkin, Little Kite | 10. Aqua Green Polka Dot Latex Balloons, The Party Cupboard | 11. Candy Shoppe Handcut Confetti Box, Ruby Rabbit