Due to our new obsession with the rainbow balloon, today we’re really diggin’ rainbows. And when we dig something this much, you know we have to share it with you. So that’s exactly how we came up with today’s party theme – a rainbow party! So you’re not a fan of the complete rainbow-theme? We get it, it can seem pretty OTT for anyone over the age 12+. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick some of the items below to include your next soiree. Take the amazing tassel garland for instance – how great would that look hanging behind your dessert buffet? Or maybe you could fill your cake with heaps of rainbow lollipop candles? You don’t have to have a rainbow party to use these party products. But then again, if you’re bold enough to do so, then kudos to you!

We’ve already sorted out all of your rainbow party-wares. Simply take a look at the roundup below and then click on the links to purchase the goodies. Blog_Partywares_ThrowaRainbowParty_01 1. Rainbow Striped Square Plates, Ruby Rabbit | 2. Rainbow Balloon, Lark | 3. Unicorn and Rainbow Tattoos, Lark | 4. Rainbow Gift Tags, Emiko Blue | 5. Rainbow Striped Cups, Ruby Rabbit | 6. Sparklettes, Oh Happy Day! | 7. Lollipop Candle, Oh Happy Day! | 8. Rainbow Treat Boxes, Emiko Blue | 9. Rainbow Brite Tassel Garland, Studio Mucci | 10. Rainbow Napkins, Lark