When there’s a full moon, you know you have to take full advantage of it, especially if it involves some kind of party on the beach! Stylist Jill from Retro in the Rough said that the up-coming full moon sparked the idea for this dreamy seaside bridal shoot. ‘From there, a windswept concept started to take shape, inspired by spring evenings, and camp-outs under the stars,’ said Jill. And while it was created with a wedding in mind, we think it can work as inspiration for any kind of soiree.

The low-level dining table was decorated with blue rim enamel plates, amber glass, pumice stones and fresh florals. The colours were drawn from the ocean sunset, with layers of deep indigo and soft blues, paired with amber and gold accents. Delicate florals provided pops of colour and added to the fresh spring palette. The team also adorned a tipi with white linen and lace, and spread day bed lounges across the beach, to enhance the relaxed bohemian vibe and allowed the stunning rising moon to shine through. If you’re planning a seaside celebration, this wistful, carefree boho shoot is a must see! Blog_TheFullMoonandTheSea_2015:08:27_01
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