Before relocating back to Australia from the UK, Jessica’s daughter Sadie wanted a birthday party with the theme ‘Octonauts meets Frozen’. Jessica was forced to get creative, so she and her mother wrote a story to help tie the two themes together.

Sadie’s guests received an invitation which read: ‘I will take the children on a trail and tell the story of how Sadie and her friends come to have a very different adventure, winding up under the lake in the Kingdom of Arrendelle and then later a magical banquet.’

The party was set in the lush, sprawling backyard of Sadie’s grandparents’ house and lasted for three hours. Once all the guests had arrived, a letter came from the Octonauts, asking Sadie and her friends for help. There had been a massive storm over the Kingdom of Arrendelle and all the water creatures’ homes had been destroyed. The Octonauts had a list of things they needed Sadie and her friends to collect.

‘We then took the children on a hunt through the woods with their own little boxes for collecting feathers, pinecones and leaves from the forest floor,’ said Sadie’s mum, Jessica.

‘We planted four letters at various points along the walk. At the end of the walk, the Octonauts thanked them for their help and invited them to a banquet. They all had a magical time.’RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_01.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_06.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_05.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_04.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_03.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_02.jpgRC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_07.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_13.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_12.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_11.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_09.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_08.jpgRC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_19.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_18.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_17.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_16.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_15.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_14.jpgRC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_20.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_25.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_24.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_23.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_22.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_21.jpgRC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_26.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_31.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_30.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_29.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_28.jpg RC_KidsParty_Sadies5thBirthday_27.jpg

Location Suffolk, England | Venue Private Residence | Guest List 30 guests | Photography Photos by JessicaEvent Planning, Styling + Decorations Jessica Roberts (Sadie’s mum)


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