Forget toilet paper dresses and bride bingo! There’s a whole new range of bridal shower games you and party guests are going to love. Whether it’s a hen’s party, bridal shower or kitchen tea, the day is all about the bride and her impending nuptials. These games will not only provide bucket-loads of fun, but they’ll help the bride to make new treasured memories. The best part is you’ll learn plenty of new things about the bride-to-be! Below are a few of our most loved games and activities, which are sure to get the party started!

1. Bridal trivia Pull together a bunch of questions based on quirky facts about the bride and groom, which your guests will have to attempt to answer. The person with the most correct answers wins!

RC_Party_SharonsBridesmaidsProposalParty_43 Sharon’s Bridesmaid Proposal Party | Photography by KADphotography 

2. Photo booth Head to an op-shop to source some hilarious old wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses. Place them around a photo booth, so guests can try on the outfits in a fun wedding-themed photo booth. Turn it into a competition to see who can take the best ‘worst’ wedding style photo!

View More: Ashleigh’s Kitchen Tea | Photography by Samantha Macabulos 

3. Memory lane: Send out a blank card with the invitations for your guests to write down their favourite memories of the bride or groom. Collect them at the start of the shower and read them out for a trip down memory lane the bride will love!

RC_Shower_Vanessa'sBabyShower_27 Vanessa’s Baby Shower | Photography by Earthbound Images 

4. Two truths and a lie: Have your guests collect two truths and lie about the bride to tell in front of everyone. The guests will have a fun time listening to all the crazy stories!

RC_Birthday_MikkasBirthdayLunch_31 Mikka’s Birthday Lunch | Photography Ale and Kim 

5. Who said it?: Ask the bride and groom a set of questions before the event—it could be anything about their relationship, future aspirations, pet peeves, and so on. Set out the questions with both answers, then ask your guests to guess whether the bride or groom said the answer. Not only will it be a whole lot of fun, but the guests will learn a thing or two about the bride and groom!

View More: Ashleigh’s Kitchen Tea | Photography by Samantha Macabulos