Superbly talented and ever-so-sweet, it’s no wonder that Louise from Floralovely has built up a strong following of admirers. Her highly sought-after calligraphy is created in a style that oozes classic romantic charm, while maintaining a fresh and modern air. Louise from Floralovely provided us with a little insight into her work as a calligrapher—have a read!


1. Tell us a little about yourself I live in an old Queenslander home in a semi-rural area near Brisbane with my husband and two children. My business name ‘Floralovely’​ stems from my floristry background. Prior to having children, I was a full-time wedding florist—a job I loved! Sometimes I do miss working with beautiful wedding florals, but I try to incorporate flowers into our everyday life at home and into the styling of my work as a calligrapher.

2. How did you get into calligraphy? ​My interest in calligraphy started back in high school, but I was initially discouraged by my progress and practice results, which I had created using the tools recommended by my teachers. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered pointed pen calligraphy and realised this was what I had been searching for! At the time, I was beginning to find my floristry career difficult to maintain with a young family, so I focused my creative attention towards researching pointed pen, modern calligraphy. I bought all the recommended books I could find, did online courses and completed a course in Sydney. At night, once my daughter and son were asleep, I would spend countless hours practicing and refining my calligraphy style and working my way through bottles and bottles of ink, and piles of paper.


3. Describe your aesthetic As a former florist and a collector of vintage trinkets, I am very inspired by all things botanical and antiquated. ​I have a variety of calligraphy styles that I offer to clients, as I don’t want to limit myself to just ‘delicate and pretty’. There are a couple of styles that are soft and feminine and others that are more modern and edgy. I would describe my calligraphy as freestyle, organic, flowing, engaging and versatile.


4. What does a typical day look like? Officially, I work two days a week when my children are both at Kindy and daycare; unofficially, I work six or seven days a week as I work most nights in my home office! A typical work day for me begins with organising my children for Kindy, dropping them off and heading home to begin work. If I have urgent orders, I’ll start writing straight away (after a cup of tea and a couple of pages of warm up drills and swirls!). Otherwise, I’ll tackle my emails and admin first and then begin writing later in the day. It’s amazing how quickly the day goes! Before I know it I need to head off for the Kindy pick up, so I’m usually always in the office again after the kids asleep. I find night time is actually the best time for me to write as everything is still and quiet, so I can really concentrate on what I’m doing and I get into a good rhythm and flow with my writing.


5. What is your most memorable project? ​I never imagined the variety of projects I’d be working on when I started my calligraphy career! Some of the most memorable include writing on over 100 champagne bottles for a corporate Christmas event, writing with gold ink on fresh eucalyptus leaves for a photo shoot and working for Westfield as an on-site calligrapher to personalise gift tags for shopping centre customers​.


6. What is your favourite aspect of your job? ​I love pretty much everything about my job! I enjoy the relaxing, quietness that comes from writing by hand and I never tire of working with lush, fresh paper and beautiful, coloured inks​. The fact that I can complete my work based around my family time is wonderful (although often exhausting as I work late nights!)


7. What advice would you give to a potential client when considering calligraphy for their event? ​Book in with your calligrapher of choice early! ​Calligraphy can’t be rushed and in my case, I only take a couple of bookings per week. Also, ask for samples or extra photographs if you’re not sure about colours or calligraphy styles.


8. I am happiest when… ​I’m on schedule with all my calligraphy orders and I can spend a relaxing weekend at home with my family.



Images supplied by Floralovely. Photography by Whitney Heard PhotographyStudio Sixty PhotographyWhen Elephant Met Zebra Photography + Trent & Jessie Photography.