Mismatched bridesmaids have officially graduated beyond a mere ‘trend’ and have scored themselves a permanent place in wedding style. Letting your bridesmaids choose their own ensemble allows them to pick a dress they’ll feel comfortable in on the day, while also adding interest to the overall look of your wedding party. If you love the look as much as us, we’ve created a go-to guide for achieving mismatched perfection on your big day. Following these tips will allow each bridesmaid to rock an outfit that reflects their own style, while also ensuring your bridal party looks cohesive.

1. Opt for uniform florals

Providing your maids with the same varieties of flowers will bring a strong sense of unit to your party, regardless of different dress lengths, styles and colours. Choose a vibrant colour palette of fresh blooms to really pull together your group. RC_Wedding_Bridget-Laurence_04.jpgBridget + Laurence’s Wedding, photography by Bayleigh Vedelago

2. Keep the lengths the same

A great rule of thumb to ensure cohesion between different styles is to choose a standard length—whether it be long, short (or anything in between!), sticking with a one length will maintain a degree of uniformity. RC_Wedding_Tiffany+Joel_14 Tiffany + Joel’s Wedding, photography by Bianca Kate Photography 

3. Select a colour palette

You can select one, two or a range of colours—just make sure you consider how they will work together. If you need inspiration, explore combinations you like by picking up some paint samples cards. Once you’ve decided, you can pass these on to each of your maids so they know exactly what to look for. Blog_Tips_MismatchedMaids_03 Left: via Magnolia Rouge | Right: via Grey Likes Weddings

4. Keep in touch

Don’t just give your maids the rules and send them out on their own. Organise some shopping days with everyone; this gives you an opportunity to make sure everyone’s dresses will work together and also gives your maids a chance to get to know each other. RC_Wedding_Bree+Theo_25 Bree + Theo’s Wedding, photography by Fennel & Fox

5. Choose complementary prints

If you’re feeling especially brave, mismatched prints (if done properly) are some of the best. This is where the importance of having a colour palette really shows. If you’re opting for florals, decide if you would prefer one or a range of colours to feature. Mixing prints can be tricky, so if your maids buy their dresses at different times make sure everyone has plenty of photos for reference. Blog_Tips_MismatchedMaids_02 Left: via The Bride Link | Right: via Magnolia Rouge

6. Mismatch accessories

The mismatched fun isn’t limited to dresses. Shoes, florals and other accessories are all great ways to mix up your bridal party. Blog_Tips_MismatchedMaids_01 Left: via Glamour and Grace Blog | Right: via Outer Inner