If you don’t want to commit to a full-blown theme for your next party, a colour scheme is the perfect way to give your event a pulled-together feel. Today we’re loving minty green + silver! This versatile colour palette lends itself to many occasions, whether it be for birthdays, baby showers, engagements and even anniversary parties. We think it’s subdued and sophisticated, with just the right amount of metallic edge!

We’ve pulled together a few of our fave party-wares in minty green and silver to inspire your next celebration! If you love the minty green and silver trend as much as we do, then check out our party-wares round up below. Mint and Silver party 1. Silver flags, Hip & Hooray | 2. Diamond Piñata, Ruby Rabbit | 3. Paper Lantern, Hip & Hooray | 4. Silver Giant XO Balloons, Ruby Rabbit | 5. Silver Tassel Horns, Lark | 6. Paper pom pom, Hip & Hooray | 7. Silver Glitter Cupcake Toppers, Ruby Rabbit | 8. Mint Shimmer Balloon Tassel, Lark | 9. Metallic Piñata, Lark | Favour boxes, Emiko Blue | 11. Honeycomb fan, Emiko Blue | 12. Polkadot straws, Hip & Hooray13. Silver Crown, Ruby Rabbit | 14. Paper plates, Lark