When Chloe and her fiancé Brin learnt that Chloe had fallen pregnant with their first baby – a little girl – it was inevitable that they were going to have a baby shower to celebrate!

A colour palette of pink and gold made for a fun, yet feminine vibe. Chloe’s love for gold foil and honeycomb balls influenced the styling and enhanced the cake table, which took centre stage at the shower. For added personality, Chloe’s sister collected baby photos of the mummy and daddy to be and hung them photos in Polaroid style around the room.

The event was made even more special as she was able to plan the event with her sister Erin, who works in the events industry. Chloe explains, ‘Erin just had her first baby (and my first niece), Arabella, in January and she didn’t have a baby shower. So she was very keen for me to have a baby shower to live through me! And of course, to help me pull it together.’RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_01.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_05.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_04.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_03.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_02.jpgRC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_06.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_10.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_09.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_08.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_07.jpgRC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_11.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_15.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_14.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_13.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_12.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_21.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_19.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_18.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_17.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_16.jpgRC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_22.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_31.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_30.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_29.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_28.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_26.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_25.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_24.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_23.jpgRC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_32.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_34.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_33.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_41.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_37.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_39.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_46.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_50.jpg RC_Showers_ChloesBabyShower_48.jpg

Photography Nerida Phelan Photography | Event planning, florals + styling Chloe + her sister Erin Field of Betty May Vintage Hire | Location Port Melbourne | Venue Mr Lawrence at the London | Guest list 45 guests | Decorations Poppies for Grace + Betty May Vintage Hire | Stationery Som Vongsonephet


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