Is your child’s birthday coming up? Sometimes sticking with the classics is the way to go. Bring back the old-fashioned fun and keep the mini partygoers busy with these classic games! Not only will these old favourites prove popular with kiddies, they will also bring nostalgic joy to adult attendees. The beauty of these games is that each one can be adapted to suit any party theme. Plus, they’re super simple—you’ll love how easy they are to pull together! We’ve rounded up some of our old favourites below. We bet your littlest party guests will love them as much as you did when you were their age!

1. Ring Toss Let children test their skills with cheery, bright, painted bottles. You could use fake flamingos instead of bottles or place hooks on a painted board aligned with your theme.

Blog_FunStuff_ClassicKidsPartyGames_01 Left: via Sugar and Cloth | Right: via Style Me Pretty

2. Pin the Tail on the Donkey Think back to your childhood and the chances are that you played this game at virtually every birthday party! You can adapt this classic to suit your theme; Mexican fiesta? Play a game of pin the tail on the piñata! Princess party? Let’s go with pin the kiss on the frog!

Blog_FunStuff_ClassicKidsPartyGames_02 Left: via Ritzy Bee | Right: via Studio DIY

3. Hanging Doughnuts Who doesn’t love this one? These sugary delights are sure to please regardless of who wins!

Blog_FunStuff_ClassicKidsPartyGames_03 Left + right images via The Chic Site

4. Giant Jenga This classic block-stacking and stack crashing game makes a great lawn activity. The kids will love building up their Jenga towers and seeing all the blocks tumble to the ground!

Blog_FunStuff_ClassicKidsPartyGames_04 Left: via KC Edventures | Right: via Larsen’s Photography

5. Croquet This one conjures up nostalgic images of flamingos, hedgehogs and the Queen of Hearts. This game has kept children and adults occupied for centuries, so why not include it at your next party?

Blog_FunStuff_ClassicKidsPartyGames_05 Left: via The Home Depot | Right: via Off Beat Bride

6. Sack races The humble hessian bag makes for some great party fun. The little ones will love wriggling around and trying to jump their way to the finish line!

Blog_FunStuff_ClassicKidsPartyGames_06 Left: via Tiffani Thiessen | Right: via Style Me Pretty

7. Tic Tac Toe This super simple game is sure to provide entertainment! If you’re hosting an outdoor affair, use string or ribbon on grass to set this game up on the lawn.

Blog_FunStuff_ClassicKidsPartyGames_07 Left: via DIY Bride | Right: via Cookie Mondays

8. Twister This one is tons of fun for your little guests! Try spray painting circles onto your lawn—it makes a great feature and it’s a great alternative to slipping all over the plastic mat.

Blog_FunStuff_ClassicKidsPartyGames_08 Left: via Pinterest | Right: via Sparrow Soirees Blog

9. Yahtzee This game has been around since the 50s—call it old school bias, but you know it’s a winner!

Blog_FunStuff_ClassicKidsPartyGames_09 Left: via Style Me Pretty | Right: via Etsy