Being asked to a bridesmaid is a very special thing and will be an amazing experience for the whole bridal party. It’s a time of celebration and joy that will make memories that will stay with you forever. As a bridesmaid, there are a few things that you’ll be expected to do in the time leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day. We’ve collected a few tips about your bridesmaid’s duties to help you be the best bridesmaid ever! With these tips, we bet you’ll be in demand at every upcoming wedding.  

1. It’s about the bride

Remember, it’s all about the bride! If you don’t love the bridesmaid’s dresses or the style of the wedding, just try to put your personal preferences aside and enjoy the experience of being a bridesmaid. It is a lovely honour to be included in someone’s special day. RC_Wed_GeorginaJosh_07.jpgGeorgina + Josh, Photography by Paul Bamford

2. Get ready together 

Sometimes getting ready with your friends is half the fun! To make the day of the wedding start out right, get ready for the ceremony together. The bride may have arranged hair and make up, but if not, plan your own make up and hair so all the attention is on the bride—sit together and let the excitement grow!RC_Wedding_Lisa-Jake_06.jpg

Lisa + Jake, Photography by Cassandra Ladru

3. Help the bride with dress selection

The wedding gown is possibly the most exciting part of being a bride. Help her choose a gown that will flatter her—be honest with the bride to help make her feel confident in her decision. Same goes with the bridesmaids dresses, be supportive and encouraging!RC_Wed_Phoebe-Jess_11.jpg Phoebe + Jess, Photography by I Got You Babe Photography

4. Help plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party

While the maid of honour is usually in charge of planning these events, she will always appreciate the help of the bridesmaids. Contribute ideas, help decorate, assist with the hostess duties, anything to make it all run smoothly and let the bride enjoy herself.RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_35.jpg Elle’s Kitchen Tea, Photography by Alana Blowfield

5. Attend all the celebrations

It’s important that as a bridesmaid you attend the engagement party, the bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and the reception—and dance! This will show your support for the bride. RC_Wedding_Catherine+Sam_52Sam + Catherine, Photography by Sweet Mary Photography

6. Help with last minute tasks

While the bride is getting ready and relaxing, help out and make sure that everything is running smoothly. If needed, help with the final touches on the bride, make up touch ups, zipping her dress, and so on. RC_Wed_HollyStuart_08.jpgHolly + Stuart, Photography by Kristina Childs

7. Always be supportive! 

The bride will be going through a crazy time and will need lots of unconditional support through the planning process. She may need some help relaxing before the ceremony, so have some of her favourite music or treats ready for her. RC_Party_SharonsBridesmaidsProposalParty_49.jpg Sharon’s Bridesmaid Proposal, Photography by KADphotography