We’ve always been crazy for Poppies for Grace—an Australian online party store stocking tons of fun party wares! When we learnt about their latest range, ‘Wonder Filled’, we asked the fabulous Alana from Poppies for Grace a couple of questions to learn more.

‘Wonder Filled is a hoot!’ says Alana. ‘We’ve made it to be a pick-and-mix of party ware, where you can make a collage of colour and pattern to suit what you are celebrating.’

When asked to describe her store in three words, Alana says ‘a colour riot’. And a colour riot it is! The vibrant party wares are sure to set the scene at your next party.

‘We’ve made it to spark confidence and play. Basically we’ve pulled in all the colours and now we are sitting back and watching them dance!’ she exclaims.

And why does she love her shop? ‘I love it because its joyful. Being surrounded by colour and creative women is a total buzz. Poppies for Grace is our playground and oh boy, do we have fun!’

Check out the images of ‘Wonder Filled’ below!

Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_01.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_02.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_03.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_04.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_05.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_06.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_07.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_08.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_09.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_10.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_11.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_12.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_13.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_14.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_15.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_16.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_17.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_18.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_19.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_20.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_21.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_22.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_23.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_24.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_25.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_26.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_27.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_28.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_29.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_30.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_31.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_32.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_33.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_34.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_35.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_36.jpg Blog_LoveMyShop_PoppiesforGrace_37.jpg  All images supplied by Poppies for Grace