Lily’s ‘One in a melon’ themed birthday party was certainly a sweet affair! Planned and styled by her ever-so-talented mother, Claire Collected, Lily enjoyed a special day with her friends inspired by her fave fruit—the watermelon!

‘What started with Lily’s love of all things watermelon turned into a whole lot of DIY crafting craziness, and I have to admit, the lead up was just as much fun as the actual party!’ says Claire.

Claire organised a party jam-packed with activities for the little partygoers to enjoy, including craft, swimming, piñata and food. Lily and her friends decorated their own watermelon-inspired t-shirts, which also served as a cute party favour.

‘The t-shirt painting filled in more than a whole hour. They even kept dashing back to add more glitter and finishing touches throughout the afternoon. And the creativity from the girls was just delightful! Not one t-shirt was the same’ says Claire.

Take a look at all the images of Lily’s super sweet ninth birthday in the gallery below! RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_01 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_27 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_15 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_24 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_25 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_18 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_07 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_03 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_04 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_33 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_32 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_31 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_30 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_29 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_28 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_26 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_23 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_22 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_21 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_20 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_19 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_17 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_16 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_14 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_13 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_12 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_11 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_10 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_09 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_08 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_06 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_05 RC_Birthdays_Lilys9thBirthday_02

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