What could be better than a morning shared with a lovely bunch of HOORAY! readers surrounded by an abundance of fresh blooms? Not a lot, if you ask us! And that’s exactly what those who attended our workshop with The Floral Society enjoyed at the picturesque setting of the National Gallery of Australia‘s Sculpture Garden Restaurant.

The ladies from The Floral Society arrived with blooms in hand, providing a breathtaking burst of colour in the Sculpture Garden Restaurant. Students sat upon stunning wood furniture provided by the wonderful team at Boy & Girl Co and were treated to goodie bags filled with gifts from HOORAY!, The Simple Collection, Peppermint Grove Australia, Ingrained and Miss Biscuit.

The first half of the morning was dedicated to creating everlasting floral wreaths, with each step demonstrated by Freyja from The Floral Society. After a demonstration, students attempted a wreath of their own using willow, twine, native foliage and a selection of florals.

Students were treated to a delicious morning tea provided by the National Gallery of Australia, who put on a divine spread of fresh fruit, sandwiches and sweets.

After the students had devoured their delicious morning tea, it was on to the second half of the workshop, which focused on creating the perfect posy. Each student picked their fave florals and began work on their own posies—with a little help from the ladies of The Floral Society!

Students had the opportunity to ask a bunch of floral-related questions, before parting ways with hands full of blooms and a head full of newfound floral knowledge!

Videography Engaging Productions | Photography Tess Godkin, You Me and the Sea | Venue Sculpture Garden RestaurantNational Gallery of Australia | Furniture hire Boy & Girl Co | Goodie bags The Simple Collection, Peppermint Grove Australia, Ingrained and Miss Biscuit