Receiving a thoughtful Christmas card is definitely up there with hugs and hot chocolates as things that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Call us pathetic, but we love the age-old tradition of sending Christmas cards to loved ones in the lead up to the festive season.

That’s why we called upon the good folk at Fox & Fallow to provide us with a bunch of tips on absolutely nailing the perfect Christmas card as part of our online advent calendar series. Check out their five tips on writing the perfect Christmas card to help you share the Christmas cheer.Blog_Tips_5TipsOnWritingThePerfectChristmasCard_04

1. Be stylish

Picking a beautiful card on quality paper shows that you really care. Plus they’ll know you got off your butt and went to a proper boutique and didn’t just pick one up from the servo on the way! Order cards in advance to make sure you’ve got one handy when the occasion arises—Christmas, birthday and congratulations cards will never go astray.Blog_Tips_5TipsOnWritingThePerfectChristmasCard_17

2. Be creative

If you’re an amazing hand letterer or calligrapher, then use your skills girl! A beautifully lettered card is something they’ll never throw away. Not so gifted in the drawing department? Make it fun with different coloured markers, different sizes and styles of type and colourful little embellishments. They’ll always appreciate the effort!Blog_Tips_5TipsOnWritingThePerfectChristmasCard_16

3. Be appropriate

From what the card says on the outside to what you say on the inside, try to make sure your language is appropriate to the receiver. The cards with the swears might be perfect for your mates but might be bad taste and even offensive to your Grannie or corporate client.Blog_Tips_5TipsOnWritingThePerfectChristmasCard_19

4. Be personal

Writing a personalised message that picks up on recent events shows your friend that you care. Were they just married, had a baby, built a house, scored a new job, went on a big overseas holiday? Celebrate their wins and tell them you miss seeing their gorgeous face!Blog_Tips_5TipsOnWritingThePerfectChristmasCard_30

5. Be real

Skip the formalities and talk like you! Do you have a knack for punny jokes? Or is there a ridiculous word you use a lot? Writing in your voice makes it a little more personal.Blog_Tips_5TipsOnWritingThePerfectChristmasCard_13