Does the fact that you don’t have a fireplace get you down this time of year? Or maybe you have one, but just not in all the rooms you wish you did. Or maybe you’re just too hot to even want to look at or think about a fire right now! If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the perfect solution for you, a faux fireplace made of nothing more than paper!

This sketched out print of a fireplace by the creative peeps at A Joyful Riot will happily replace that void you’ve been feeling and requires minimal work on your part. Plus, after your cozy Christmas gatherings, you can tear the whole thing down and your wall will be good as new.Blog_Christmas_DIY_PasteUpFireplace_04


All this project needs is a little tape + the printable! Download the white print here or check out the other options on A Joyful Riot


  1. Download the print.
  2. Choose your favourite print shop and take it to them (or arrange via their website) and print to your desired size.
  3. Take it home and tape it to the wall. The one pictured here is 914 mm x 1219 mm which is the size it will download in. Feel free to size it down to a smaller print.
  4. Just put a few tacks or small nails or sticky hooks in the wall right above the print for your stockings to go and then cozy on up!


Now Santa will be able to find your house and you have the perfect spot to hang your stockings!