Feeling fruity? This one’s juicy! Hillary celebrated her 12th birthday in summery, fruity style. And it’s no surprise her party was fabulous, after all, her mother Jenny is the creative force behind online partywares and stationery store, Bloom Designs.

The party was inspired by Hillary’s love for lemonade stands. Jenny says, ‘I wanted the party to be happy, fresh and bright. Hillary has always loved having lemonade stands, so this party is a twist on that,’ says Jenny.

All of the decor, colour scheme, invitations, food and crafts revolved around four fruit slices—lemon, kiwi, watermelon and orange. Lots of honeycomb balls and garland made from the fruit slices helped set the mood.’

Partygoers snacked on treats from the ‘One in A Melon’ table and enjoyed loads of fun crafts, which were right on theme. Hillary and her friends made fruit baskets, citrus sugar scrub, lip balm in all of the party flavours and fruity paper fortunes.

Jenny says, ‘My favourite element was the smash cake. I have made smash cakes for each of my children’s birthdays every year since they were one. It is a tradition they really look look forward to. The one for this party was a four-layered cake in, you guessed it, in kiwi, watermelon, lemon and orange covered with buttercream and Fruity Pebbles.’RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_64 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_58 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_54 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_51 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_48 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_46 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_47 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_42 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_36 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_33 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_35 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_31 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_30 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_14 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_11 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_07 RC_Birthdays_Hillarys12thBirthday_10

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