Gabe wanted to keep things really low-key for his 40th birthday party, so his wife Carlie decided to host a laid-back fiesta with their closest family and friends. Carlie enlisted the help of the Beijos Events babes for their amazing party ideas and styling and décor items, as well as Katie from Wylie Weddings, to help dress up the property with lots of beauty and Bougainvillea.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a welcome table covered in favour bags full of sweets, situated right next to a huge poster featuring photos of Gabe throughout his 40 years of life. The entertainment was kept very family-friendly, with a pool full of toys, plenty of lawn games like badminton and cornhole, and a photo booth area with a basket of moustaches and sombreros.

As an extra little treat, a margarita and beer bar was set up for the parents to enjoy while watching their kids. Mexican-style tables and lounging areas were placed across the property for guests to dine and relax on. Think bright blankets, pink blooms, leather poufs, a hanging chair and plenty of colourful pillows. Catering was taken care of by The Truck Stop – a rad food van that served up amazing fish and pork tacos for dinner and handed out wax paper bags of fresh homemade churros for dessert.

Check out this fab 40th below.RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-19.jpgRC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-30.jpgRC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-15.jpgRC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-13.jpgRC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-01.jpgRC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-18.jpg RC_Birthday_Gabes40thBirthday_33RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-25.jpg RC_Birthday_Gabes40thBirthday_41 RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-29.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-28.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-27.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-21.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-20.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-17.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-16.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-14.jpg
RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-12.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-11.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-10.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-09.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-08.jpgRC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-26.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-07.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-06.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-05.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-04.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-03.jpg RC-Birthday-Gabes40thBirthday-02.jpgRC_Birthday_Gabes40thBirthday_35RC_Birthday_Gabes40thBirthday_44

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