If there were two words to sum up this event, they would have to be ‘effortless chic’. This laid-back polo event perfectly encapsulates carefree summer afternoon vibes.

As a sponsor of the Brisbane Polo in the City event, TIPI Interiors had its own marquee for 23 guests to enjoy. Styled by Harriet McMicking from TIPI Interiors, the attendees were sure in for a treat!

A styling scheme of classic stripes, rustic timber, raw tones and palms created a laid-back, but classic feel. An abundance of greenery was complemented with white flowers, which Harriet describes as ‘very English to fit in with the Polo, which has a strong heritage with England too.’

The floral and foliage selection included Palms, Hydrangeas, Gladiolas, Chincherees, Tracheliums, Delphiniums, White Roses and Snapdragons, creating a beautiful fragrance to set the ambience of the event.

And Harriet’s favourite moment? ‘The Polo of course!’ say says. ‘The Stomping of the Divots is always a fun part of the day too. Despite the very hot temperature, the champagne and the charming company made for a marvellous day.’

Enjoy all the images of this polo event below.RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_09RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_04 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_05RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_07RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_11 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_10 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_23 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_24 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_21RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_29 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_31 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_32 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_35 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_33 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_42 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_40 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_48 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_46RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_53 RC_IndustryEvents_TipiInteriorsPolo_62

Photography: Alisha Musil | Event Planning: Polo in the City | Event Styling, decorations + florals: Harriet from TIPI Interiors | Venue: Dorrington Park | Location: Ashgrove, Brisbane | Catering + drinks: Polo in the City


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