Is there anything more fun than bucket loads of colourful confetti? While some people despise having to clean up loads of itty-bitty bits of paper, it’s no secret that we’re huge fans of this super colourful decoration.

We think confetti can lift the atmosphere of any event, adding an instant sense of fun and frivolity. So why not throw a confetti party? This theme is perfect for kids’ birthday parties—or parties for those who are simply kids’ at heart!

We’ve rounded up our fave partywares from across the web to get you on your way to throwing the ultimate colourful, confetti-themed affair. We absolutely love the ‘In the event of spontaneous joy’ confetti pocket pack from Poppies for Grace—make sure you keep one on you at all times, just in case!ThrowaConfettiParty

1. Mini colourful confetti, Poppies for Grace | 2. Party Hats, Poppies for Grace | 3. Tiny rainbow honeycomb garland, Poppies for Grace | 4. Knotted ribbon balloon ties, Poppies for Grace | 5. Confetti paper dish, Poppies for Grace | 6. Multicolour foil and latex balloons, Poppies for Grace | 7. Confetti popper, Lark | 8. Confetti invitations, Ruby Rabbit + Poppies for Grace | 9. ‘In the Event of of Spontaneous Joy’ confetti pack, Poppies for Grace | 10. Jumbo confetti balloon, Poppies for Grace | 11. Jumbo paper Confetti, Poppies for Grace + Ruby Rabbit