We love this idea! Rather than hosting a baby shower prior to her new addition being born, Emily held a shower to welcome her new baby boy Asher into the world.

This lovely idea is what some refer to as a ‘sip and see’, which allows guests to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over the baby, while mingling and enjoying some light refreshments. For the new parents, it’s an opportunity to get all dressed up and introduce the baby to friends on their own terms—hopefully lessening unexpected drop ins!

The event was put together by Emily’s older sister Laura, the founder of Arrow and Lace Designs. Laura says ‘You see, my sister has been there for me with my two children and being able to reciprocate and spoil her has been the best feeling.’

The colour palette of gold and white, paired with lush greenery en masse made for an elegant, but modern look. Laura explains, ‘This might not be your typical baby boy shower. White and Gold details don’t scream BOY, but the antlers and animals give it more of a boyish vibe.’

Over 20 clear balloons filled with gold and silver confetti floated in the air, with images from a recent newborn shoot hanging from the strings. Laura says, ‘Emily recently did a newborn photo shoot with Kristen Burr Photography and I was able to surprise Emily by having all the images at the shower which she hadn’t seen yet. We attached them to the balloons making it special for everyone to see.’

Enjoy all the images of this special event below.RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_01 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_02 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_07 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_03 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_10 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_11 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_12 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_13 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_17 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_16 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_14 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_15 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_21 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_20RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_22 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_26 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_24 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_31 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_28RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_36 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_32 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_42 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_45 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_44 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_47 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_52 RC_Showers_WelcomeBabyAsher_51

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