This birthday party sure looks like a whole lot of fun! To celebrate Berdon’s third birthday, his super talented mum threw him the ultimate art-themed birthday bash.

It’s no surprise this birthday is as artfully put-together as it is; Berdon’s Mum is the talented creative behind Pour L’Amour, where she works as a calligrapher and hand lettering artist. She pulled the party together alongside the super creative Meredith Staggers of Cake and Confetti.

Meg explains, ‘I wanted a real fun, messy birthday for my son and his friends. It was all about giving the children an opportunity to get messy and allow themselves to be their creative, getting all dirty and allowing for their inner artist to come out.’

Partygoers painted their own canvases, which doubled as a party favour—making for a nice memory of their time and the art they had created.

A range of vibrant décor was used to set the scene, including spray painted box easels, personalised hand lettered artist smocks for each child, splattered place cards, honey comb and balloon backdrop dessert wall, chalkboard sign, and a beautiful welcome sign to greet guests upon arrival.

Adding to the art-theme, each child received a hand-lettered invitation on a wood painter’s palette with a hand-lettered envelope—all created by Berdon’s Mum!RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_01 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_02RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_17 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_03 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_04 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_05 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_07 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_08 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_09 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_10RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_06 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_11 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_12 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_13 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_15 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_16 RC_Birthdays_Berdens3rdBirthday_18

Photographer: Berdon’s Mum, Meg of Pour L’Amour | Event planning + Styling: Meg Grant Lawrence of Pour L’Amour + Meredith Staggers of Cake and Confetti | Venue: Private Residence | Guest list: 19 kids and 29 parents | Catering + drinks: Lisa Driver of Maple & Love | Stationery Pour L’Amour


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