This dinner party featured a drool-worthy menu selection, stunning greenery installations and loads of twinkly lights. Adding to the magic of the night, the whole thing is a total secret until the night before!

The Secret Supper Club is a concept created by Katie Smee and Georgina Van Hee of George & Smee, a Sydney-based event styling, furniture and prop hire company specialising in thoughtfully creative and enchantingly beautiful events

The pair explain, ‘The idea of a Secret Supper Club is that not only do you get to eat amazing food in a very cool venue; you also get the chance to meet so many different friendly people, which seems to be all too rare these days.’

‘When guests buy their ticket they know nothing about the night. The evening before the event they get a text message revealing the address. When they turn up, they get to see the styled space for the first time, find out what they’re eating and meet who they’re going to sit next to!’

The Secret Supper Club was held at Three Williams Café, with the event being the first time the venue had catered for a sit-down dinner.

‘It was the perfect venue!’ the pair tell us. ‘We had a three course seasonal feast, accompanied by incredible wines and live music in a beautifully styled secret venue.’RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_01 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_09 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_08 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_07 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_06 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_05 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_04 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_03 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_02 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_12 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_11 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_10 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_13RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_41 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_42 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_44RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_20 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_22 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_27 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_32 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_28 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_36 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_40 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_52 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_29 RC_IndustryEvents_SecretSupperClub_51

Photography: Sean Anderson | Videography: Rob Older | Even planning, styling, stationery + hire items: George & Smee | Venue + catering: Three Williams Café | Guest list: 66 guests | Entertainment: Dusty Boots + Naomi Hackl


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