In celebration of her 5th birthday, Ruby invited her ‘berry’ best friends over for a super sweet tea party inspired by all things ‘Strawberry Shortcake’. Little partygoers enjoyed face painting by Strawberry Shortcake, a delightful cupcake decoration station, limbo, dancing, and much more!

We bet Ruby and her friends loved the girly party set up, which featured a spectacular hand-made balloon and pom pom arch, a fresh flower arch, foil balloons, as well as a dessert table, lolly bar and drink station. After all, what’s a 5th birthday party without a whole lot of ‘sweet’?

The menu was totally on theme with strawberry cheesecake dessert pots, raspberry coulis and cream dessert pots, strawberry-shaped vanilla cookies, strawberry jelly cups and Ruby’s choice of drinks—strawberry lemonade and water with fresh strawberries.

The event was all put together by Ruby’s wonderfully talented mum, Carly, who is a graphic designer, face painter and party stylist, and says she ‘loves every kind of PARTAY!’  Carly says, ‘The décor was inspired by the garden setting, a girly vintage floral style with gorgeous gold filigree & strong accents of red, spots and stripes from the decor to the candy!’

Carly also has advice for planning a kids’ birthday party—she says, ‘let your child be part of the planning. Draw pictures and then make your event come to life by hiring the right props, decorations and catering for a beautifully professional finish.’RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_16RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_01RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_15RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_17RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_12 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_03 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_09 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_10 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_11 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_13 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_14 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_05RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_18 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_19 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_20RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_23RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_37 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_39 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_40 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_41RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_43RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_38 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_36 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_51 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_45 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_47RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_52 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_53 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_54 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_55RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_56 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_24RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_25 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_26 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_29 RC_Birthdays_RubysStrawberrySoiree_31

Photography: Ryan Jenkins | Event Planning, Styling, Decorations, Florals, Stationery, Cake + Hire: Sugar Style | Location: Kotara, NSW, Australia | Venue: Private residence | Guest list: 30 children, 25 adults | Catering + drinks: AlaRoch, Fifi le femme + Sugar Pop Bakery | Facepainting: SugarPOP Parties


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