Isn’t this little girl’s birthday party just the cutest? Harlow celebrated her second birthday with a bunch of her family and friends in her home in Abbotsford, Canada. The event was inspired by one of Harlow’s favourite animals—the bunny rabbit!

Harlow’s Mum Jenna of Ribbon & Lace Event Styling says, ‘The idea of this party came from the love of animals my daughter Harlow has, and well bunnies in general are just so darn cute!’

Little partygoers enjoyed lots of fun activities, including ‘pin the tail on the bunny’, drawing on a handmade chalkboard and bunny colouring in sheets, which the children coloured whilst enjoying cakes and party treats.

‘We wanted her party to be full of fun and activities for the little ones with touches of girly details,’ adds Jenna.

Clear helium balloons made for a beautiful décor feature, with each balloon holding an image of Harlow from over the past year. ‘They were a fun detail that shared some of the special moments from the past year,’ says Jenna.

‘My favourite moment on the day was when the birthday girl found her bunch of helium balloons and decided to run around with them tied o her! She was so adorable and definitely provided a good laugh for us.’

See all the images of Harlow’s ‘Some Bunny is Turning Two’ party below!RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_01 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_06 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_02 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_08RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_05RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_10 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_12 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_13 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_14RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_17 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_18 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_19 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_20RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_21RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_29 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_24 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_25 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_27 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_30 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_22RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_34 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_36 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_40 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_42RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_41
RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_39 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_57RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_58RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_52RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_55 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_54 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_56 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_59 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_53RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_63 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_65 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_67RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_66 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_69RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_74 RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_73RC_Birthdays_Harlows2ndBirthday_60

Photography: Warin Marie Photography | Event planning, styling + decorations: Ribbon & Lace Event Styling | Floral styling: Floral Design by Lili | Hire items: Spruce Rentals | Location: Abbotsford, BC, Canada | Venue: The Market by Spruce Collective | Guest list: 20 guests | Catering + drinks: Reddy Made Cakes, Marsh and Mallow, Kizzy’s Macarons + Pam’s Cookies | Stationery: Jess Delves


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