Hold the line, because today we’re looking at an incredibly vivid and fun wedding, put together by the talented crew at Amorology Weddings. They spent two days celebrating as Aman and Sonu became husband and wife at the Estancia La Jolla.

Amorology Weddings explains, ‘Aman and Sonu’s love story all began over a good, old-fashioned telephone conversation, which inspired our concept for their wedding! This darling duo chatted on the phone for three months before finally meeting in person. It only took two dates for them to realise the connection that they had made was meant to last forever. We paid homage to our couple’s beginning by asking guests to drop them a line at the sign in table prior to the ceremony. Infusing our couple’s Indian culture, we created a bright and fun colour palette, mixed with hues of magenta, peach, teal and green and dashes of gold. Oak and the Owl adorned their ceremony with lush, vibrant blooms. Clusters of peonies, dahlias and garden roses were suspended from the mandap as guests lounged on beautifully-woven rugs from Casa de Perrin and pillows in lieu of traditional seating.’

‘Following the ceremony, guests were greeted with a colourful retro phone wall we created with the help of Back Up Backdrops, that served as an old fashioned directory and helped guests find their table numbers with tags by Peanut Press Creative. At their tables, laser-cut wood phones served as table markers, complete with phone numbers that were chosen from one of the careers of the guests at the table, and were named such things as “the pharmacist”, “the doctor”, “the lawyer”, “the dentist”, and so on.’

‘The night was additionally an ode to Aman and Sonu’s sweet tooth, beginning with guests sipping on Yummy Gummy cocktails garnished with gummy bears. Each place setting was finished with delicate pink plates and vintage champagne coupes topped with candy kabobs. We built our couple their very own retro bakery named “The Hungry Hungry Hippo”—a fun way to bring in our bride’s favourite animal! Bakery display cases held a variety of delicious cakes from Extraordinary Desserts, and we encouraged guests to come to the counter and place a request for their order. Guests danced the night away and celebrated the sweetness that these two had found all because one decided to dial up the other!’
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Aman + Sonu – Wedding Trailer from Kavin Lindgren on Vimeo.

Photography: Jessica Kettle | Videography: Kavin Lindgren Films | Event planning, styling + decorations: Amorology Weddings | Floral styling: Oak and The Owl | Hire items: La Tavola + Archive Rentals | Location: La Jolla, California | Venue + catering: Estancia La Jolla | Desserts: Extraordinary Desserts + Hey There Cupcake | Stationery: Indian Invitations + Peanut Press