Monika celebrated her bridal shower with a lovely daytime event in the Spring. Along with a group of her besties, this bride-to-be lounged in the backyard under the shade of a hills-hoist “umbrella,” drinking fruity punch, eating handmade goodies and playing with baby animals all afternoon!

Monika has an obsession with all things pastel, soft, feminine and whimsical. She also works as a full-time artist, so her bridal shower was inspired by her very own creations. Styled by her closest girlfriends, the shower referenced Monika’s artwork and reflected what she paints – beautiful, watercolour art.

‘I often feature tattered lace, rose brambles and delicate accents in my work. [My friends] styled the backyard to be as colourful as possible, with vintage accents and loads of flowers. All of the plates, vases, platters and crockery were vintage pieces, sourced from markets and [the girls’] own personal collections,’ Monika told us.

And can you believe the entire event was put together on a shoestring budget? All of the decorations, apart from the streamer garlands, were borrowed or belonged to Monika’s friends. It was even catered by her friend Morgan, a former chef, who spent two entire days cooking!

As a final surprise the girls organised a petting zoo to visit for a couple hours. ‘I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw our pastel picnic flooded with little lambs, goats, bunnies and ducklings. We spent the afternoon playing with them and it was magical. I’ll never forget it,’ Monika said. You’ll be swept away by this whimsical, vintage affair. Be careful though, you might end up spending a little too much time swooning over the super-cute baby animals!RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-00.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-51.jpgRC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-52.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-54.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-53.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-57.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-56.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-55.jpgRC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-60.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-64.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-63.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-62.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-61.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-67.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-66.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-65.jpgRC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-72.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-74.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-73.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-84.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-83.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-82.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-81.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-80.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-79.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-78.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-77.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-76.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-75.jpgRC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-85.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-94.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-93.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-92.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-91.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-90.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-89.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-88.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-87.jpg RC-BridalShower-MonikasBridalShower-86.jpg

Photography Angela Rose, Butterfly Bones Photography | Catering + Drinks: Morgan Bourke | Entertainment Kindifarm

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