Gabby and Cameron didn’t want to overcomplicate their wedding day with elaborate styling or large bridal parties, so the couple decided to keep things really simple and opted for a mainly DIY wedding.

‘There are so many things that we love from the day,’ said Gabby. ‘In particular we loved the simplicity of it all. We didn’t have to decorate the space in great detail, but really personalised it with little touches, like our favourite movie playing in the background, hand picked plates, and flowers that my sister and I chose from the flower market.’

Gabby and Cameron are very family oriented, so they wanted their wedding to feel like a big family dinner, where they all celebrated and shared food and stories together. They had share plates in the middle of the long vintage tables they hired for the reception that reminded Gabby of her childhood dining table.

‘My mum has always been a collector of antique furniture and bits and bobs, and it’s something that I have also developed a love for, so we wanted to incorporate this into our wedding by using antique/vintage furniture and props,’ said Gabby.

Lightspace had a few church pews that we could use, so we scattered them around the space for extra seating. We gained inspiration for the industrial feel from the venue itself, we wanted to keep things as simple as we could and just using lighting to create an atmosphere. We did most of the decorating ourselves, we folded our napkins and set the tables just like we would if we were having people over for dinner. We used vintage crystal glassware and I collected some vintage tea plates from op shops for our wedding cake to be served on.’

We have been swooning over this vintage DIY wedding! We especially love Gabby’s custom-made Casey Tanswell lace gown and veil as well as the enormous ‘LOVE’ marquee sign. Get inspired by the gorgeous images below.RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_01.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_04.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_03.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_02.jpgRC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_05.jpgRC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_06.jpgRC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_07.jpgRC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_08.jpgRC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_09.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_14.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_13.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_12.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_11.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_10.jpgRC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_15.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_19.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_18.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_17.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_16.jpgRC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_20.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_24.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_23.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_22.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_21.jpgRC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_25.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_29.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_28.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_27.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_26.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_34 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_32 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_31 RC_Wedding_Gabby-Cameron_30.jpg RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_38 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_37 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_36 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_35RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_40 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_42 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_41 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_49 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_47 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_46 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_45 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_44 RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_43RC_Wedding_Gabby+Cameron_58

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