Unicorns must be the mythical creature of the moment, because we seem to be seeing them everywhere – which is totally okay by us, unicorns are so cute! So when we came across Taylor’s unicorn-themed baby shower, we absolutely fell in L.O.V.E.

Mummy-to-be, Taylor Lord is also a photographer, so it was only fitting that she had a picturesque baby shower. There was a sweets table filled with delicious cakes, homemade pop-tarts and cookies in the shape of shooting stars, love hearts and, of course, unicorns.

Tiny toy animals and bunches of foliage were also scattered around the place which, when paired with unicorns and pops of pink, give the shower a ‘whimsical-woodland’ feel.

‘My friends know I love unicorns and that was going to be the nursery theme!’ said Taylor. They did a great job contacting Kelli Murray to use a unicorn for the invitation that she knew I had picked out for our nursery decor.’

We especially love the extra little details that went into this magical baby shower, like the little pom poms that were attached to the balloons, the illustrated invitations and the calligraphy menu cards. Get inspired to create your own whimsical baby shower by checking out Taylor’s celebration below.RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_01.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_05.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_04.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_03.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_02.jpgRC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_06.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_10.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_09.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_08.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_07.jpgRC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_11.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_15.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_14.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_13.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_12.jpgRC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_16.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_20.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_19.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_18.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_17.jpgRC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_21.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_25.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_24.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_23.jpg RC_Shower_TaylorsBabyShower_22.jpg

Photography: Kristen Kilpatrick | Event Styling: Taylor Lord | Floral Styling: Taylor Lord | Venue: Private Residence | Catering + Drinks: Betty Lou | Stationery: Kelli Murray | Calligraphy: Rachel Carl Co

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