We’re avid party DIY-ers. Opting to DIY the décor for your celebration will not only save you some cash, it also adds a lovely personal touch to the occasion.

We’ve got a whole section of our website brimming with loads of DIY party ideas, but before you get started, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got all the tools of the trade.

So DIY queens, how do you ensure you’ve got all the right tools at your disposal so you can easily whip up the perfect DIY bash? Well, we’ve done the hard yards and have rounded up five essentials for you. Check them out and prepare to DIY your heart out! Blog_FunStuff_5EssentialToolsforPartyDIYers_01

Left: Image via Fabric Paper Glue | Right: Image via Something Turquoise 

1. A storage box

One of the biggest problems for beginner party DIY-ers is where to store their tools and home crafts, which is why a storage box is always a good idea. Be sure to pick the best box for your craft—a pretty drawer unit is great for keeping fabric neat, whereas a click-shut box with compartments and small drawers is ideal for organising beads and small bits and bobs.

2. Hot glue gun

Boy oh boy, does this little gem come in handy! This baby will fasten just about anything and will dry in around a minute or so—but be careful, it can burn!

3. Mannequin

For those crafters making party costumes, clothes or accessories, a mannequin is a must. It can be used to drape fabric or as a base for your next creation. You might also like to use it as a storage place to display your creations while they’re not in use.

4. Cutting Mat

When cutting with a Stanley knife, make sure you protect your surfaces from scratches with a high-quality cutting mat. You’ll thank yourself later!

5. A good pair of scissors

No crafter would be complete without a pair of sharp, precise scissors – here’s a great guide on the top three best ones to purchase. Be sure to allocate one pair for fabric, and another pair for paper cutting.