Sophie and Michael had been best friends for ten years before they tied the knot.

‘We grew up together and saw the very best and the very worst of each other over the years’, said Sophie.

It was a serendipitous moment when their paths crossed at exactly the right time two years ago. Sophie had recently become single, and Michael had just returned to Australia after living in London.

‘Everything from that day forward just fell into place. It became so natural for us to be together’, said Michael.

The couple celebrated Sophie’s birthday on the Greek Islands, and after nine months together, Michael popped the question.

‘We are extremely lucky that our relationship has been built on years and years of friendship. We are very blessed to be healthy, happy and madly in love’, said Sophie.

Sophie and Michael held their wedding in Bali and decided to make the most of it. They held events for the entire week for all of the guests, including sunset cocktails and dinners, hens and bucks festivities, pre-wedding night events and a lazy hangover day in the pool the following day.

‘Having 70 of your nearest and dearest travelling together overseas is the most fun. I would highly recommend a destination wedding. The memories we all made will last forever’, said Sophie.

Sophie steered well away from having a traditionally styled wedding, and instead went with a wild mix of all the things they love, following the mantra ‘young hearts run free’.

On what inspired her, Sophie said, ‘our wedding very much embraced the feel of the 70s bohemian era with eclectic ikat floor cushions, poofs, throws and feathers everywhere. Our bridesmaids and I were all in lace and flower crowns: hippie kids at heart.’

The couple wanted to incorporate a little piece of home with them at their destination wedding so they stood on blanket during their ceremony, which travelled with them all the way from their lounge room in Australia! It now serves as a daily reminder of their beautiful day when they’re wrapped in it together, on chilly winter nights.

Give us a tropical escape to paradise any day of the year and we’ll be very happy campers. But when that escape just so happens to be nestled in balmy Bali? Let’s just say that it takes all of our willpower not to pack up and book our very own summer vaycay!RC_Wed_SophieMichael_01.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_04.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_03.jpgRC_Wed_SophieMichael_05.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_11.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_10.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_08.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_06.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_13.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_12.jpgRC_Wed_SophieMichael_14.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_18.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_17.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_20.jpgRC_Wed_SophieMichael_24.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_25.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_28.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_26.jpgRC_Wed_SophieMichael_30.jpgRC_Wed_SophieMichael_32.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_36.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_35.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_33.jpgRC_Wed_SophieMichael_38.jpgRC_Wed_SophieMichael_39.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_42.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_41.jpg RC_Wed_SophieMichael_40.jpg Photographer Ali Mitton | Videography Andy Elliott | Event Planning + Styling Peppa Hart + Beyond Events Bali | Ceremony Venue Latitude Villa | Celebrant Bali Wedding Celebrant | Reception Venue Latitude Villa Catering + Drinks | Grocer + Grind | Wedding Cake Ixora Cakes | Stationery Peppa Hart Florist Gloriosa | DJ Kevin Kloer | Hair + Make-up Yeanne |Bridal Gown Leonard Derecourt | Bridesmaid’s Dresses Paulette Coulter | Shoes Friend of Mine | Bowties Tilly Fluff | Suits Myer