These cold winter days are limited. We can finally see the light, spring is on the horizon, yay! But let’s not get too excited, there are still a few cold weeks to get through and a whole lot of celebrating to do! If you’ve got a celebration to plan before the cold weather is up here are 9 tips to help you warm up your party!Blog_WinterWeddingShoot_20150603_33.jpg Photography Laura Chacon

1. Mulled wine and cider are great alcohol options because they need to be served warm. We also suggest having a bottle of spirits on the table – just one shot will warm your guests up, quick smart!

2. Use warm colours and textures to style your event. Materials like wood, fur and velvet, and colours like ruby and forest green will give your celebration a warm and comforting feel.RC_Wedding_Tim-Clarissa_39.jpg 3. Serve a wintery feast of roasted vegetables and meats, warm salads and sides. You could even serve a hearty winter soup for your entrée.

4. Have plenty of throws and blankets on hand for guests to grab when feeling a bit chilly. There’s nothing better than wrapping yourself in something cozy when it’s cold out.SS-Wollongong-SheDesigns-43.jpg  Photography John Benavente

5. When picking a venue, think about what it will be like in the cold. You want something that feels warm and welcoming, so things like carpet are fireplaces are very appealing.

6. Even if it’s freezing, for one reason or another, some guests will still venture outside. Set up some outdoor fire pits or gas heaters to ensure they remain warm and comfortable.SS-Wollongong-SheDesigns-40.jpg Photography John Benavente

7. A steaming cup of hot chocolate served for/with dessert is perfect for the winter months.

8. Candles create an inviting ambience when it’s cold out. Be sure to scatter them along the tables for an inviting setting.SS-Wollongong-SheDesigns-27.jpg Photography John Benavente

9. If all else fails, simply escape the cold and opt for a destination celebration instead!RC_Wedding_Sara-Charbel_20.jpg Photography Mitch Pohl